Deleting Wiki Pages or Blog Posts

When you delete a wiki page or blog post, the page remains on the server but its content is removed so the page doesn't show up in search results. Because they stay on the server, you can restore deleted pages.

When you delete a page, the links to that page from other pages are not updated. When you navigate to a deleted page, the message "This page has been deleted" appears.

To delete a wiki page or blog post:

  1. While viewing a page, click the "Delete this page" (-) button.

  2. If you're an administrator for the wiki or blog, select Permanently Delete to permanently delete the page.

    If you select Permanently Delete, the wiki page can't be restored.

  3. Click Delete.

To view a deleted page:

  1. While in a wiki, search for anything.

    You can view deleted wiki pages and blog posts for the wiki you're currently viewing. If you search while viewing My Page you can't view deleted wiki pages and blog posts.

  2. Click the Find Deleted Entries link on the right.

    This lists all deleted pages.

  3. Click the page you'd like to view.

  4. Click the View Document History (>) button at the upper-left of the page, and select an entry.

    If you restore the page, the most recent entry is the version of the page that will be restored.

To restore a deleted wiki page:

  • While viewing a deleted page, click the "Undelete page" link.


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